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Boston Independent

Film Festival

In association with:

Savoy Cinemas
June 12-14
£3.50 per showing

Click the link above to Submit your films via filmfreeway! 

The Venue

Boston Savoy

Boston Independent Film Festival

Since 2023

The Boston Independent Film Festival, now in its second year, is a platform where creativity meets opportunity. Orchestrated by our Level 4 and 5 film students in partnership with Savoy Cinemas, the festival showcases student films from Boston College and is opening up to submissions from across the country. 

Our festival is more than just a screening event; it’s an experience where students, educators, and film lovers come together to celebrate storytelling in filmmaking. It provides an opportunity for students to exhibit their films in a cinema setting, offering them exposure to a broader audience. 

 We welcome a variety of film genres, including but not limited to short films, documentaries, animation, and experimental works.



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The purpose of the FdA in Creative Arts (Media and Film) is to develop students as professional, self-reflecting individuals able to meet the demands of employers and clients in the creative industries sector and adapt to a constantly changing world. This qualification has been designed to meet the needs of the contemporary creative industries. This dynamic and rapidly changing sector of the global economy covers a wide range of subjects, including those of Art and Design. The pathways of this qualification are intended to provide students with opportunities to explore the creative industries through a focused curriculum that prepares them for further degree-level studies or working in the industry.

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